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Diamante Murru was born in Cagliari in 1989. As an Art School graduate, Diamante worked with traditional and digital painting, body painting, tattoos. 

Her portfolio include a wide range of solo and group exhibitions, works for theatre, music videos, tv productions, graphic designs. 

She lives in Los Angeles and travel around the world for tattooing. 

While spending most of her life performing several types of art she kept exploring and experiencing different cultures, and developed an even deeper purpose to pursue, In 2020 she founded her sustainable clothing brand Minimal Ethic, followed in 2021 by the launch of her plastic free tattoo supply Minimal Ethic Tattoo Supply.

As the founder of M.E. - Diamante said in a recent interview - I have to make sure the mission, the reason why I created this brand, is never, ever uncertain. There is absolute no doubt we can do as little as or as big as we want to preserve our planet health and to respect and protect the environment and the animals. And I want to do as big as I can, that’s my purpose.
That is why I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something which would really be helpful.”

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